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Gmail Setup & Configuration

SMTP needed hostname, port, encryption, username, password, hourly quota, daily quota, monthly quota, From name and From email to set up.


For Gmail SMTP email service: You have to enable 2-Step Verification (ON) and create App passwords from your Google account Security.

Gmail Home Page

After enable 2-Step Verification, you will get an option “App password” > Go to their > Click Select App > Choose Other > Type any name > click Generate > Password will generate.


From Name: Mailer Test
User Name:
From Email:
Port: 587 (Encryption type: TLS)
Port: 465(Encryption type: SSL)
Password: Generated App Password


Google Workspace or Google Cloud Identity users:


For Gmail sender email: You must enable "Less secure app access" from your Google account security settings.


Click on your Google profile image (Right top side) > Manager your google account > Security (left side) menu > Scroll down and go to "Less secure app access" section > click "Turn on access" > do "Allow less secure apps: ON"

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