The Ultimate 2022 Social Media Posting Calendar

Plan your social media strategy scientifically with the 2022 Social Media Content Calendar for Global. Get full 12 months of posts planned out for you, no matter when you buy.

Attract an avalanche of fanatical fans. Even if you have ZERO followers and ZERO social media experience.

Join tens of thousands of businesses in simplifying their social media without compromising quality.

The Social Media Toolkit has helped tens of thousands of businesses become social media savvy entrepreneurs, and has generated millions of clicks, views and follows.

More growth, more follows, more likes, more views, all while saving time because you’ll get your posts done each day in just minutes.

Stress free, scroll-stopping, powerful posts in less than one minute a day

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365 days of posts mapped out for you

Never wonder what you’re going to post today. Eliminate stress and stop being overwhelmed with social media!

Fully customizable in Microsoft Excel so that you can quickly tailor your schedule to match the needs of your business and followers which means you’ll have a profile full of viral content your followers can’t resist sharing with others.

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What you get with the digital download (Editable Microsoft Excel File):

450+ easy to follow social media post ideas that are designed to grow your followers and engage your audience.

  • Quotes

  • Questions

  • Quiz & Puzzles

  • Caption This

  • Promotional Content Examples

  • Brand Content Examples

  • Conversation Starters

  • Hashtag #Days

  • Inspirational Quotes

  • Amazing Facts

  • Humors

  • Questions to ask on Social Media

  • 30 Time Management tweets

  • 50 Focus and Productivity Tweets

  • 50 Organization Tweets

  • 50 Procrasinitation Tweets

  • 50 Reinvest Tweets

  • 50 Success Mindset Checklist

  • 70 Positive thinking Tweets Checklist

  • 70 Strategies to increase productivity

  • 80 Content Influencer Checklist

  • Motivational Quotes

  • Inspirational Quotes

  • What to post of Social Media

  • 594 Popular and Lesser-known Global Observance Days

Additional Bonus With Calendar

  • Social Media Management Checklist

  • 101 Social Media Post Templates

  • Best and Worst time to post in social media

  • 21 Ideas for more engagement

  • Content Topic Brainstorming Worksheet

  • Daily Content Planner

  • Blank Editorial Calendar

  • Weekly Content Marketing Journal

  • Buyer Persona

  • Increase Organic Reach

  • SEO Checklist

  • Design Style Guide

  • Instagram Marketing Strategy Template

  • Social Media Campaign Proposal Template

  • Social Media Campaign Analysis Template

  • Social Media Goals Brainstorm Template

  • Social Media Marketing Report Template

  • Social Media Style Guide Template

  • Voice and Tone Social Media Brainstorm Document

  • Social Media Adverting

  • Social Media Calculators

  • Social Media Planners

You know you need a plan, but how do you get started?

Growing your business online can feel overwhelming and complicated…like there are hundreds of jobs, tasks, and services that you need to coordinate and connect! Where to begin?

You’ve come to the right place.


The Social Media Toolkit is specifically designed to eliminate all the second-guessing from using social media to grow your business so that you can spend more time doing what’s important to you instead of wasting your time on social strategies that don’t work.

Is This Calendar For My Industry

The post prompts within the calendar are customizable to any business. we have segregated industries with color dots, we have customers in a variety of industries who find it beneficial. Whether you’re a network marketer, health and wellness professional, real estate agent, photographer, blogger, traditional business owner, B2B Startup, B2C Startup or Healthcare, the calendar is adaptable to your business. Our customers are thrilled with how the daily prompts spark creativity and make posting every single day so much easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the Social Media Calendar & Toolkit?

Once you make the payment you get the download link. You can download all files from there.

Is this an online course?

Social Media Toolkit is not a course, It is a collection of Documents and Sheets that showcases tips, tricks, and procedures to help you have a positive impact on your Social Media

Who is This For?

Let’s put it this way. Do you wish to improve Social media presence? (which means getting as much traction & business from Social media as possible). If the answer is YES, then this is for YOU!