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Watch how this application connects Gmail and send emails
Get Email Marketing Software With Lifetime Validity


  • Software comes with Lifetime Validity

  • You can send unlimited emails

  • You can use single Gmail account at a time

  • You can use Official Email or free email account of Gmail.

  • You can customize subject of email for every recipient.

  • You can send plain, html and amp format.

  • You can send personalized email for individual with name.

  • You can also customized subject line with adding names.

  • Fully automatic and only 1 click to go.

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How To Use Our Email Marketing Software
  • You can send mail with Recipient Name, To Do This you have to Upload Import File in CSV Format, Left column Name Right Email ID  

  • Insert Short Code %%Username%% in Message Creation Box While You Preparing Message 

  • In case if you don't have Recipient Name upload Email List in Note Pad (Mention Above of the List This Keyword "EMAIL" In Note Pad) 

  • You Can Send Plain Text, HTML, AMP Mail Formats

  • Depend upon Your Server You Can Set Delay Time Between sending. Usually [10 Sec]

If you are Using Gmail to Send Bulk Email You are Allowed Send 500 E-Mails Per Day From 1 Gmail Account. 

How to convert your Gmail account into SMTP?

Send 500 emails per day from one Gmail account. Load multiple Gmail accounts into Emails Era Bulk Sender to send more, at a single click.


In order to convert ordinary Gmail accounts to SMTP to use with Emails Era Bulk Sender, follow the steps below.



Go this Link and Turn It ON  https://myaccount.google.com/security

Note: Don't Spam! It Wont Affect Your G-MAIL Account Ban Since Gmail Give Per Day Maximum Limit 500 Emails 

But Still, You can Create another GMAIL ACCOUNT For This Purpose


Go this Link and Turn It ON  https://myaccount.google.com/security

Note : Don't Spam! It Wont Affect Your G-MAIL Account Ban Since Gmail Give Per Day Maximum Limit 500 Emails 

But Still, You can Create another GMAIL ACCOUNT For This Purpose



Server Name: smtp.gmail.com

Port: 465(SSL) Or 587 (TLS)

User Name: Your Email ID

Password: Your Email Password

HOW TO ENABLE READ THIS https://devanswers.co/allow-less-secure-apps-access-gmail-account

All Your Marketing Emails Are Done for the Year Ahead!
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Email Marketing Kit For Business Owners

  • Together over +70 ready-made emails that are proven to generate more customers and sales

  • 200+ Email Templates, Cheat Sheets & Subject Lines

  • Email Marketing Posting Calendar

  • Every email includes "fill in the blanks" sections that you can use to customize for your business

  • Easy-to-edit Google Docs and copy paste to your email software

  • Email Marketing is an easy, cheap, personal and instant way to engage and sell. 

  • Implement and automate Email Marketing Kit and "proven to sell" emails will multiply your sales in weeks.

  • Email Marketing Campaign Management Tool

  • Email Marketing Planning Tool

  • Cold Email Marketing Course 

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