All Your Marketing Emails Are Done for the Year Ahead!

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Now you, too, can stop staring at the blank screen...

With Our Prewritten *Fill in the Blanks* Emails Your #1 Marketing Channel Is Ready In Hours

  • You will save hundreds of hours of precious time

  • You can start world class email marketing today

Email Marketing Kit For Business Owners

  • Together over +70 ready-made emails that are proven to generate more customers and sales

  • 200+ Email Templates, Cheat Sheets & Subject Lines

  • 3500+ Autoresponder Email Swipes

  • Email Marketing Posting Calendar

  • Cold Email Marketing Software

  • Every email includes "fill in the blanks" sections that you can use to customize for your business

  • Easy-to-edit Google Docs and copy paste to your email software

  • Email Marketing is an easy, cheap, personal and instant way to engage and sell. 

  • Implement and automate Email Marketing Kit and "proven to sell" emails will multiply your sales in weeks.

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Email Marketing Toolkit  Sample Templates

How the Email Marketing Kit works?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pause, adjust, or cancel my meal subscription?

Yes! As a Quokka member, you'll receive a notification each week with the number of meals you are scheduled for the following week. Just let us know by Thursday at 3p Pacific if you'd like to make any adjustments.

Can I select which meals I want to receive each week?

Not yet, but this is coming soon! Currently, each week's meals are put together by Chef Julian and the Quokka cooking team, from a rotating and evolving set of recipes. Meals are built for each member from this list of recipes each week, taking into account food allergies, restrictions, and the details of each member's nutrition plan. However, certain meals can be added to your list of "favorites" or "recipes to avoid" so that, over time, you receive more of what you love and less of what you don't.

Where does Quokka deliver?

Quokka delivers to members from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara. Enter your zip code at sign-up to confirm whether we deliver to your area.

How much does Quokka cost?

Quokka meals start at just $14.95 per lunch/dinner meal, and $11.95 per breakfast meal.