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With the technology world changing each day, businesses have faced the need to go online. Every business that you see around you, is already having an online presence or planning to do so. But, having a presence itself is not enough. What is also needed is that people know about your presence. And that is where marketing comes into the picture.

For a digital presence, a digital marketing strategy is also required. Email marketing being one of the oldest and the only to hold the number one position in all forms of digital marketing.

Emails Era is a team of experts that designs an effective business Email Marketing strategy for you that ensures data-driven results for you.

Impossible ➞  Possible ➞ Profit

Marketing is always considered as a form of art and the Emails Era team is full of artists. We make the impossible turn into possible and it turns into profit. For you!

Our experts can help you with start to end of a successful email marketing campaign.

Whether it is about creating an email marketing campaign or writing an email copy or mounting email marketing campaigns – and testing them – on the scale. Everything is covered.


Why an Email Marketing Strategy is needed

Email Marketing is an efficient way to market your business online and reach new clients or update your existing clients about your latest offerings. We build an effective Email Marketing strategy that yields great results.

Emails Era is a leading Email Marketing service provider for creating and sending Email Marketing or marketing newsletters to your prospects and clients. Our Email Marketing services provides you detailed reports on email campaign tracking with real-time statistics that help you measure ROI and refine your business strategy.


A strategy that works

Our experts build your personalized email marketing strategy for your business or entrepreneurial endeavor that helps you in:

  • Building awareness & reputation of your Brand.

  • Getting more Sales.

  • Starting conversations that help in increased sales and revenue.


We provide our prospective clients with every step in the plan to execute an awesome marketing campaign for them. Every decision that we take is based on our experience and calculated. We focus on giving a clear transparent view of the work we do, each day.


With our personally crafted email marketing campaigns your business would open a new horizon of a wider audience, get more verified leads and close more sales by leveraging our expertise and experience.

When done right, email marketing campaigns are simple, efficient, cost-effective, and read by relevant eyes. Email marketing services from Emails Era are a low-cost way to increase referrals, up-sells, leads, and sales!

What's Included in Our Email Marketing Services


Services from our full-service email marketing agency Emails Era includes custom-designed email strategy, professionally written cold emails, and advanced analytics tracking and reporting.

We have developed my own automated email campaign software with what we can reach out to millions of people with the click of a button. I will set up an email server for you and send emails from it for you.

Reports will be containing the below points.

1) Email Sent Count
2) Opened Email Count
3) Clicked Email Count
4) Bounced Email Count
5) Unsubscribed Email Count

We will do the following 5 steps for your email campaigning project.

1) Scrapping the contacts from the region defined (If you have email ID then it's best)
2) Testing the emails are verified by running our software of email verifier
3) Creating an email campaign, which we will take your sign off on the layout and objective
4) Load the campaign and contacts and shoot an email
5) Post-delivery, we would provide you a list of emails sent, opened and clicked


There is statistical evidence that Email Marketing remains an important aspect of marketing efforts. Emails Era’s team of experts have observed that:

  • Email marketing returns an average of $42 for every $1 spent.

  • 59% of potential buyers are influenced by emails and how well written the email is.

  • 2.3% of 1 Billion online transactions in 2019 were results of successful email marketing campaigns.

Questions we usually ask you

We design our Email Marketing strategy for you based on a few questions that we ask you, for example:

  • Who are your target customers?

  • Do they already know about your brand?

  • Or this will be a brand awareness campaign?

  • Will this be a cold email marketing campaign?

  • Do you wish to promote a single product?

  • Do you wish to introduce a new innovative offering?

  • Are these past customers, warm new customer leads or cold contacts?

Once these questions are answered, our email marketing specialist team will have a better understanding of who you are trying to target and how to engage them effectively via a structured email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing to Scale

Emails Era uses an arsenal of useful marketing automation and proven email marketing software to run your email marketing campaigns.

Automated Email Marketing is a very important component of any email marketing campaign. And Emails Era helps you in reaching your expected and desired results with Godspeed.

Request an Email Delivery Quote

Our enthusiastic email delivery experts also work with many other well known independent Email Service Providers (ESP’s) to get your campaigns delivered. Whether you require static, dynamic, triggered or event-based campaigns, our email delivery experts will find the best solution.

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