Global Decision Makers Email Database

Do you want to reach Decision Makers? With our Global Decision Makers Email Database, you can get in touch with 120K+ Decision Makers of them directly. This 95% authentic email database includes business name, contact name, position, email address & country.


- Reach Global top decision makers directly

- 95% authentic email database

- Get the business name, contact name, position, email address & country

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About Decision Makers Email Lists

A decision maker is a high-ranking executive who runs a business organization and maintains its public image. Such professionals are key decision-makers in any firm and hold maximum power.​

Decision makers are responsible for maintaining the company’s organizational structure, assigning resources to numerous departments, facilitating communication with other leading executives, and setting precedence for a working environment. With such varied functions, decision makers need to stay in touch with top business contacts across the industry.​

Are you an entrepreneur looking to contact decision makers? Do you wish to pitch your business model to top-ranking executives? If so, avail the benefits of the email list provided by Emails Era and watch your sales figures grow!​

We understand that to give a big boost to your businesses, you need to target the most potential prospects. And what can be better than reaching the ones who own the power of taking buying-decisions – the decision of various organizations. Thus, at Emails Era, we let you reach your most significant and potential buyers no matter to which part of the world they are. We have a huge data repository of over 120,000 contact records of the decision makers from an array of industries across the globe. All the details of these contacts are valid, accurate, and updated on a regular interval of 90 days.

Work With Well Segmented List Of Emails For Better Response

Duplicating marketing tactics does not achieve satisfactory results. After all, each organization has specialized requirements and targets a different audience subset. Hence, you must ensure you contact trusted data providers who can build a solid list of emails matching the prospective client description.

​Emails Era has highly trained data specialists who curate databases based on customer requests and help our clients grow exponentially. We have over 75 specialized segments, thus allowing you to contact top market leaders in any industry. Some of our data categorizations include:

Contact Name, Email Address, Designation, Company Name & Country


​With such detailed data records, contacting clients likely to invest in your company and services gets easier. This can help you optimize the marketing strategies and achieve better results within a limited budget.

Why Choose Emails Era Decision Makers Email List?

With ever-evolving industry dynamics, you need to bring changes to marketing campaigns. Instead of letting clients find your company, you need to contact them first! Relying only on conventional marketing techniques can be a big mistake.


Emails Era helps you bring the necessary change by providing an apt decision makers email database. With the contacts listed in this record, you can conveniently contact top industry professionals and strengthen your business network.

​Investing in our list of decision makers email addresses is worth its price for multiple reasons. Some of them are:​

  • Assured accuracy: You don’t have to worry about our databases, including irrelevant information. We provide 90% accurate mailing lists collected using legitimate sources.

  • Consistently verified: All contacts in our databases are strictly permission-based and regularly verified. As a result, the response rate from the target audience significantly increases.

  • Data guidelines compliance: Our databases are CAN-SPAM and GDPR-compliant. Therefore, you can easily use the decision makers email list without worrying about negative responses or legal complaints.

  • Prefabricated databases: Depending on your requirements, we provide final contact records in ready-to-use and easy-to-download formats for better convenience.


Beneficiaries Of Decision Makers Email List

Are you confused about whether our list of decision makers emails is the right marketing solution for your organization? If you fall into any of these categories, you are sure to benefit from our Decision Makers Email Database:​

  • Digital marketer looking to promote services to top industry leaders

  • Consultancy service providers looking to onboard small or medium-sized enterprises

  • Business entrepreneurs looking to expand their professional network by contacting Decision Makers

  • Professional leaders looking to fill industry gaps by conducting email surveys and feedback


With such selects, you will be able to reach out to your prospective customers easily.


Benefits Of Decision Makers Email List

Getting your hands on the latest Decision Makers email lists database can unlock a goldmine of opportunities for your organization’s growth. Networking with the right people is bound to produce good results. Here are a few notable advantages:

  • 90% authentic data to help you reach the target audience optimally

  • Improved brand awareness for better visibility in the market

  • Accelerated lead generation to improve the company’s ROI

  • Ability to launch direct or email marketing campaigns regularly

  • Easier to track sales and user engagement based on client demographics

  • Chance to reach prospective customers on professional network like LinkedIn


Reach Out To Emails Era Now!

As a business entrepreneur, it is vital to maintain a strong position in the industry and establish multiple connections with top executives. However, getting in touch with leading professionals is not easy!

​Emails Era has now made it simpler to pitch a business model straight to the active inboxes of such market leaders. All you have to do is relay the requirements to our team and get access to a customized email list of Decision Makers. We will segment the data into separate categories based on your ideal customer persona.


After working with over 27% of B2B digital marketers, we have gained sufficient experience in data providing. Additionally, we provide opt-in services to offer you a complete data package for efficient marketing. By delivering quality contacts and adhering to customers’ requirements, we have managed to maintain a 70% retention rate.


​If you are also looking forward to revamping the organization’s marketing tactics and reaching the target audience optimally, get in touch with our team now! Leave us an email or hop over a phone call to get a price quotation for a decision makers email list.


Data Important information about the use of the data.

Email addresses are NOT “opted-in”.

The data may be used for multiple campaigns in line with relevant legislation.


We accept no responsibility for the success or failure of any marketing campaign using the data supplied.


It is the purchaser's responsibility to comply with all legislation regarding unsolicited communications following the 'Spam Act 2003'.


Delivery of Database:

1) One Excel 9 file (with filters & searching for both Business category and Suburb Postcode – to make using database easier)

2) CSV file – all data in one file that can be imported into any database program such as MS Access.

Note: User requires either a database program such as MS Access or Excel 2007 and higher (as older versions of Excel only take up to 65,000 lines per page/worksheet) – if you require a smaller amount of data either suburb or business category see custom databases.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what formats is the Decision Makers Email List available?

We provide .xls format to make it easier for our customers to download and read the lists.

How accurate and authentic is the Decision Makers Email List?

To ensure maximum response from the target audience, we diligently verify all our data records. Our decision makers  email list is 90% accurate and can help you reach the right customer easily.

What are the advantages of a Decision Makers Email List?

Using email list of decision makers will help you contact prospective clients optimally. With our sales-ready databases, you will notice a reduction in bounce rates and improvement in the overall CTR and customer response.

Can I execute the multi-channel marketing campaigns with this decision makers email list?

No, our decision makers email list can be used to reach the target audience via emails campaigns.