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We are a lead generation agency that helps B2B businesses get more sales through cold-email. We manually prospect and warm up leads and turn them into sales opportunities.

We get the leads. You go sell. Simple as that.

We rock at Cold Emailing

If you choose our cold email service, you can be sure that your business promotion is sorted. There are so many options on the internet for email marketing, but Emails Era is the most suitable solution for your business. We do not say it. Our valuable clientele does.

Emails Era, takes care of your lead generation efforts by assuming activities such as:

  • Defining your ideal target profile

  • Creating lists of potential clients

  • Crafting cold-email campaigns

  • Sending emails and follow ups

  • Qualifying responses and assigning leads to your sales team

We identify potential clients

We define an email strategy

We handle the outreach

We send you leads

We Offer Three Different Plans


Includes 100 targeted prospects and up to 500 email sends



Includes 200 targeted prospects and up to 1,000 email sends



Includes 300 targeted prospects and up to 1,500 email sends


First things first - please get in touch with us before you take any of our plans. Cold email outreach isn’t for everyone, so it's always good to jump on a call before we move forward.

Data Driven Strategy

Our team of experts designs your cold emails based on highly calculated and measured insights from our experience. There are multiple parameters that we take into consideration while drafting a Cold Email for your business that is bound to yield results.

Work with us

In today’s crowded environment, with thousands of companies competing for your lead’s attention, selfish me-centric emails are ignored or trashed. Emails Era knows this and makes sure that your email lands in the limelight.


To stand out, you need personalized cold emails that have the warmth to allow a genuine human connection to be made. So, why wait? Get in touch with us for your next big venture!

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