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Emailer - Email Marketing Application is the easiest way to send email marketing newsletters! has powerful features to create dynamic lists using different segments. Stop wasting monthly subscription fees and make your newsletter marketing more professional.

This powerful tool automates your cold email process, from sending emails. It's easy to use and very effective, helping you get real responses and better results.

Well, Who Is Emailer For?

It is for every Marketer and Business Owner on this Planet Earth.

For every online business owner, service provider & marketer who wants to make endless profits, create, and strengthen a digital presence or any brand name who wants to strengthen their subscriber base and sales.

Yes! Be it – Ecommerce store owner, affiliate marketers, business consultants, marketing agencies and local businesses – All can get super results from using Emailer.

Our Basic Email Marketing Tool Comes Packed with exactly the right tools to take advantage of…



- Set campaigns period on desire delivery time period

- Manage target audiences

- Default & Custom email templates

- Track campaign status



- Import subscribers with csv

- Bulk actions on subscribers

- Create imported and dynamic list through segment and subscribers

- Manage Blacklist & Subscribers



- Create segments to categorized your subscribers

- Set your target people using segments

- Set segment and behavioral logic as you want



- Create customize templates as you want

- Get beautiful responsive templates design

- Store specific subscribers info using custom fields


- Campaign overview and status

- Campaign click, open and others rating statistics

- Audience Overview

Delivery Settings.jpg


- Basic application settings

- Notification events & channels

- Store more specific information using custom field

- Setting up email with Sendmail, Amazon SES, Mailer, Gmail & Other SMTP's

With Emailer You Can

  • Boost your open rates and click through rates

  • Explode your subscriber lists.

  • Save money on expensive copywriters and autoresponder subscriptions

  • Avoid losing subscribers!

  • Save valuable hours on understanding and using the system.

All of this and more at –
No recurring fees, no limits on anything.. Just Pay once!

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