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Cloud-Based Cold Outreach Software: Affordable, Automated, and Effortless

Why spend a fortune on installation, hosting, or maintenance? Opt for our user-friendly cloud application, equipped with full automation and compatibility with your personal delivery servers—all at the most competitive cost. Sending cold outreach has never been easier.

Get ready to land in the recipient's inbox—no need to overthink it. Simplify your email marketing with our cost-effective solution.

An Cloud Based Could Outreach Software Which You Can't Ignore

Connect Email Delivery Server

Use any of your active SMTP Server or ESP (Email Service Provider) services such as Amazon SES, SendGrid, MailGun, SparkPost, Gmail & Gsuite, Outlook, Sendmail, Etc.

Create List

Upload or organically grow your list by using subscription forms created within app.

Send Campaigns

Whether you want to send Autoresponders, Sequence of Emails, Regular Marketing Campaigns or Survey Campaigns you can do all that from single & easy-to-use dashboard

Application Features


Add SMTP Servers in Rotation





Autoresponders Campaigns


List Form




Open / Clicks








Secured Logged



Drag & Drop Template Builder


Import/Export Subscribers





Spam Trap



Geo Location












Campaign Auto Recurring


Pause & Resume








Who Can Use This Tool


​When working in sales, every lead is a potential customer. Emails Era software's enables you to analyze detailed engagement information pertaining to each prospect. We help you reach and close more deals.


Marketers use Emails Era Software's to their benefit by setting behavior emails at the right time and more. We make sure that marketers stay safe from spam filters. Our Software's also will help you to collect right niche data.


As blogging is going mainstream, we are here to help bloggers outreach to more audiences, send newsletters with our simple software using HTML Templates. It helps them get more traffic and recognition.


The freelance industry is growing at a high pace and so are we. Our tool has easy-to-use feature enabling freelancers to create campaigns, collect database, and sending content through Emails that get them more customers.

What Clients Saying About Our Emailing Tool

Jacobs B, CEO & Founder

The email marketing is bringing in business! The response has been better than I anticipated. Thanks again for the suggestions; keep up the good work!

Sharin N, Business Development Manager

Everyone at Emails Era has been extremely helpful, using their experience to silence the distractions and navigate a clear path to a successful cold email marketing strategy

Greg Kular, Director
Australia B2B Pty Ltd

Really pleased with Email Marketing Services work, Emails Era have been doing good for us from 3 months and they have generated 30 big leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own SMTP servers with Biz Mailer?

Yes, Biz Mailer allows you to seamlessly integrate your own SMTP servers, providing greater control over email delivery and ensuring messages are sent from trusted sources.


Is there a limit to the number of contacts I can add to Biz Mailer?

No, you can add unlimited contacts to Biz Mailer, allowing you to grow your subscriber list without any restrictions.


How many campaigns can I schedule with Biz Mailer?

You can schedule an unlimited number of campaigns with Biz Mailer, enabling you to plan and automate your email marketing efforts with ease.


Does Biz Mailer support email personalization?

Absolutely! Biz Mailer offers robust email personalization features, allowing you to tailor messages with custom fields, dynamic content, and personalized greetings to enhance engagement and relevance.


Can I set up autoresponder campaigns with Biz Mailer?

Yes, Biz Mailer supports autoresponder campaigns, enabling you to automatically send targeted messages to subscribers based on triggers such as sign-ups, purchases, or interactions.


How customizable are the list forms in Biz Mailer?

Biz Mailer provides extensive customization options for list forms, allowing you to design and tailor subscription forms to match your branding and capture relevant subscriber information.


Does Biz Mailer track email opens and clicks?

Yes, Biz Mailer tracks opens and clicks in real-time, providing valuable insights into subscriber engagement and campaign performance.


Can I schedule campaigns to be sent at specific times with Biz Mailer?

Absolutely! Biz Mailer's campaign scheduling feature allows you to specify the exact date and time for your emails to be sent, ensuring optimal delivery and engagement.


How secure is access to Biz Mailer?

Access to Biz Mailer is secured with logged access, providing peace of mind that only authorized users can access sensitive data and settings.


Does Biz Mailer offer a drag-and-drop template builder?

Yes, Biz Mailer includes a user-friendly drag-and-drop template builder, making it easy to create professional-looking email templates without any coding knowledge.


Can I import and export subscribers with Biz Mailer?

Yes, Biz Mailer allows you to import and export subscriber lists effortlessly, enabling seamless data management and integration with other platforms.


What are custom tags in Biz Mailer?

Custom tags in Biz Mailer enable you to categorize and segment subscribers based on specific attributes or behaviors, allowing for more targeted and personalized campaigns.


How does Biz Mailer utilize spam trap technology?

Biz Mailer incorporates spam trap technology to help prevent emails from being flagged as spam, ensuring better deliverability and engagement rates.


14. Does Biz Mailer offer geo-location tracking for emails?

Yes, Biz Mailer provides geo-location tracking, allowing you to see where recipients are opening and engaging with your emails.


15. Can I send email attachments with Biz Mailer?

Yes, Biz Mailer supports email attachments, enabling you to include files, documents, or images in your email campaigns.


What is parallel sending in Biz Mailer?

Parallel sending allows Biz Mailer to send emails simultaneously to multiple recipients, improving efficiency and speeding up delivery times.


Is there a limit to how often I can access Biz Mailer?

No, Biz Mailer offers unlimited access, allowing you to log in and manage your email marketing campaigns whenever you need to.


Can I set up recurring campaigns with Biz Mailer?

Yes, Biz Mailer supports campaign auto-recurring, enabling you to automate the scheduling and sending of regular campaigns at specified intervals.


Does Biz Mailer allow me to pause and resume sending campaigns?

Yes, Biz Mailer offers the flexibility to pause and resume sending campaigns at any time, giving you control over your email delivery schedule.

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