​When working in sales, every lead is a potential customer. Emails Era software's enables you to analyze detailed engagement information pertaining to each prospect. We help you reach and close more deals.


Marketers use Emails Era Software's to their benefit by setting behavior emails at the right time and more. We make sure that marketers stay safe from spam filters. Our Software's also will help you to collect right niche data.


As blogging is going mainstream, we are here to help bloggers outreach to more audiences, send newsletters with our simple software using HTML Templates. It helps them get more traffic and recognition.


The freelance industry is growing at a high pace and so are we. Our tool has easy-to-use feature enabling freelancers to create campaigns, collect database, and sending content through whatsapp that get them more customers.

Jacobs B, CEO & Founder

The email marketing is bringing in business! The response has been better than I anticipated. Thanks again for the suggestions; keep up the good work!

Sharin N, Business Development Manager

Everyone at Emails Era has been extremely helpful, using their experience to silence the distractions and navigate a clear path to a successful cold email marketing strategy

Greg Kular, Director
Australia B2B Pty Ltd

Really pleased with Email Marketing Services work, Emails Era have been doing good for us from 3 months and they have generated 30 big leads.